On Paul Ryan not running for re-election: With all the moral escapades of the politicians brought into focus, it was refreshing to have Paul Ryan as an ambassador for the state of Wisconsin. They will be hard pressed to find another squeaky-clean candidate to replace Mr. Ryan. Thanks for your service.

  • He said he accomplished what he set out to do. He passed a tax bill that benefits the wealthy and will cause a $1.5 trillion deficit. I ask Paul Ryan, who will pick up the $1.5 trillion debt? Have him give an answer to that.
  • Congratulations to him for the fine job that he has done. What’s happened, though, is the left-wingers of Janesville are going to be pouting because they cannot slam him anymore. He’s going to be enjoying retirement on his wise choices that he made in his career. This is a wake-up call for the left-wingers. Find a wooded area like Hillary did and sit there and pout.
  • What wonderful news that Paul Ryan is not seeking re-election. I don’t believe he did anything for working people the entire time that he was in Congress.
  • It’s really a sad time. I’ve known Paul ever since he’s been a little boy, and I know he wants to spend more time with his family, but we are going to miss him. Happy retirement, Paul.

On Wednesday Sound Off criticism of Foxconn deal: To the person who said giving billions of dollars to Foxconn is a tax burden on us and our future generations. Our future generations are a tax burdens on all of us. If they would just get to work, that would be helpful.

On the “blue wave”: The swamp is getting deeper, corruption is on the rise, and the tax people are being raped. Isn’t it time we say enough is enough? Washington and Wisconsin have gone to the dogs, who have turned into wolves. The blue wave must continue if we want our country and state back.

On deploying National Guard to border: Well over 40,000 people died in the U.S. last year due to opioid abuse. Most of the heroin and fentanyl is smuggled across the border with Mexico, but Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, does not want the National Guard to help secure the border. He cares more about protecting illegal immigrants than saving the lives of American citizens.

On the Milton School District: I think the community will come together naturally if school board members realize it’s imperative that board meetings should have vigorous debate of the issues, both for and against, before casting votes. School district residents deserve more than a board shaking their heads ‘yes, yes, yes’ like bobblehead dolls.

On village of Clinton elections: Attention Clinton Village Board and administration: The taxpayers have spoken. Tom Peterson had the most votes, more than the two incumbents. This should tell you all that the village wants change, and Tom is the man for the change. The puppet show ends. Let’s make Clinton great again.

On Facebook users: If you put stupidity out there, then maybe you should be prepared to accept the reaction and consequences generated by such stupidity. With personal subject matter out there, be prepared for viral and negative results without crying that your privacy has been compromised.

On Beloit Turner School District referendum recount Wednesday: Two thumbs up for Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson. Once again her organizational skills, knowledge and leadership resulted in an accurate and transparent recount. Also two thumbs up for all the dedicated volunteers who gave up their time to make sure everyone’s vote counted.

On East Milwaukee Street roadwork: I sure hope they got some kind of warranty on the blacktop on East Milwaukee Street. There’s not a 10- or 15-foot patch that doesn’t have a crack in it, and the road’s only 8 months old.

On April 8 Sound Off complaint about scalloped potato recipe: If they want more healthy recipes, maybe they should contribute, as you’ve been asking for people to have recipes. Instead of complaining about the scalloped potato recipe, just give us some healthy recipes that you have.