On Janesville Boston Store closing: Quit buying from Amazon. All you guys are doing is putting all the mom-and-pop shops out of business. You may not realize it, but that’s what you are doing, and that’s why stores like Boston Store are closing. They cannot compete because everybody is buying online. Quit being lazy. Get in your car and drive to the store and get your stuff at the store.

On taking precautions: I’m totally amazed people don’t lock their vehicle doors when they get in. That’s the first thing I do. Don’t ever think that it can’t happen to you. People have to take precautions. Don’t ever think it can’t happen. Always lock your car doors whether you are in or out, including your house doors.

On Janesville police officer union AR-15 raffle: There is no reason why this gun could not be pulled from the May 12 raffle. Background checks do not always work to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, as the Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas last November showed.

On distracted driving: I want the city, state and county governments to start doing something about people talking on their cellphones while they’re driving. People couldn’t wait and arrest me for drunken driving and other driving infractions. Now, I want the same kind of justice back. Quit driving and talking on your cellphone.

On people leaving Illinois: Indiana is run by a Republican, and it’s thriving. Many of the people fleeing Illinois are going to Indiana. To the greater point, though, the problem is that the people fleeing these states are moving to new states and voting for the same type of politician that ruined the states they came from. They’re slow learners, apparently.

On allegations of discrimination against Starbucks: This is on what went on at the Starbucks in Pennsylvania. Two black men entered the Starbucks and used the bathroom despite being told the bathrooms were for paying customers. They then occupy a table and refuse to leave or buy anything. The police are called, and they still refuse to leave. They are then handcuffed and gently removed from the premises but not charged with anything. Now Black Lives Matter and the rest of the usual suspects are protesting and shutting down a private business, Starbucks, in Philadelphia, and the police are ordered to stand down by the liberal mayor. America is getting really sick of it, and it’s past time.

On Minneapolis bus driver disciplined over prayer: A pastor who was driving a school bus was taken off his route (this month) because he led the passengers in a prayer. I think where he goofed up is that he should have sang some rap music with kill the cops for the theme of the song. He’d still be working.

On Wednesday CNN town hall with James Comey: Concerning the James Comey interview, I wanted to hear facts. He starts by describing Trump’s hair and skin. I felt he showed no professionalism. He belittled the office of the FBI. I tried to listen to the entire interview but finally turned it off disappointed with him.

On Democrats: Please, for God’s sake, quit picking on the Democrats. For eight years, Republicans did nothing to help Barack Obama. Quit picking on them.

On Democratic National Committee suing over Trump-Russia conspiracy: With all of the lawsuits happening in Washington, D.C., concerning the Democratic Party trying to unseat President Trump, who, may I ask, is footing the bill for this? I hope it isn’t we the taxpayers.

On Thursday Leonard Pitts column: Once again Pitts shows his intolerance of opposing views. He must think he is the new self-appointed thought police. Yes, politics is divisive by design, but those who are so narrow-minded in their own view of others’ rights are more of a problem to free speech than those that they criticize.

On Wednesday Sound Off comment about stop signs: He doesn’t know the meaning of a stop sign. It says, ‘Foot, slight tap on pedal.’