Thumbs up to idea of a second GM brick giveaway. Blackhawk Community Credit Union hasn't promised one, but we like the idea. The May 4 event was a success, but the method for distributing the bricks required driving to the credit union's west side branch and waiting in a long line of vehicles before claiming bricks. If you didn't have a vehicle or couldn't drive, getting a brick might have been a challenge, and we suspect many people wanted to go but didn't have a way. The credit union should consider another distribution method for a second giveaway, perhaps involving charitable organizations to work with residents who would appreciate a GM memento but couldn't attend the May 4 event because of a disability or other reason.

Thumbs down to opposition to ballot selfie bill. Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson and her peers are a bit paranoid over a proposed bill to allow people to take ballot selfies at polling places. The Wisconsin County Clerk Association envisions all sorts of unintended consequences, though none seem likely or plausible. Some people, even candidates, don't realize ballot selfies are illegal. Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen took a ballot selfie in 2016. He should have known better, but, in his defense, laws prohibiting ballot photos feel out of touch in our smartphone era. Ballot selfies have the potential to become the new "I voted" sticker. Far from being a problem, ballot selfies could inspire others to get out and vote.

Thumbs down to demise of the Tub Run. We hope another group picks up this cause after Boardtracker abandoned it. The Harley Davidson dealership likely had no choice because of the legal morass consuming it. Harley Davidson's credit division is suing Boardtracker over fraud, and the Janesville dealership closed April 15. The event's cancellation is a bummer for riders but an even bigger bummer for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Tub Run raised thousands of dollars each year for the organization, and this year would have marked the 25th anniversary. Organizers are encouraging Tub Run participants to join the MDA ride later this summer in Madison, and local participants shouldn't let their pledges go to waste. So, who will take the lead in resurrecting the Tub Run for next year?

Thumbs up to gas tax hike surviving Legislature's cuts. Republican lawmakers hacked away at Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' budget proposal last week. They eliminated Evers' top priorities, including Medicaid expansion and medical marijuana legalization. They also rejected Evers' plan to increase the minimum wage and scale back a tax credit for manufacturers. Evers' budget would take Wisconsin in the wrong direction, Republicans complained. They have a point, but Republicans decided to keep in place, at least for now, Evers' proposed 8-cents-per-gallon gas tax hike. Perhaps this group of Republicans understands what former Gov. Scott Walker did not: The state's roads won't fix themselves.

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