Maybe the conspiracy theorists left town.

Maybe they’re too focused on the “deep state” infiltrating the CIA and FBI to notice the small potatoes at Janesville City Hall.

Well, they missed their chance Monday night when the city council adopted a resolution authorizing Janesville to become a (gulp!) Green Tier city. There was no discussion about it. Not a peep from council members, while the only person to mention the resolution during the public comment period spoke in favor of it.

In 2012, the city council rejected this same proposal after people complained the Green Tier program was the spawn of the sinister United Nations Agenda 21. Apparently, former Republican Gov. Scott Walker was also in on the plot because he signed an executive order May 23, 2012, to help the state Department of Natural Resources further develop the program. He praised Green Tier for aiding “voluntary collaboration with businesses to yield environmental and economic gains ...”

The conspiracy goes like this: The Green Tier program is a Trojan horse used by the U.N. to undermine the U.S. Constitution and turn this nation into a socialist state. (What was Walker thinking?) Essentially, everybody living in a Green Tier city will have their cars confiscated and be forced to ride single-speed bicycles, even during the winter.

In 2012, the cranks felt it their duty to warn the city council of the dire consequences. One resident said the Green Tier program would “replace the current charter of the city of Janesville and permanently destroy its sovereignty, beyond recovery.”

Dum, dum, dum, dum-da dum, dum-da dum!

Jim Farrell, a city council member who also sat on the council in 2012, complained back then about the influence of Green Tier detractors. “I think those individuals had too much impact on the process, in my opinion,” Farrell said in 2012.

The routine adoption of the Green Tier designation Monday night is proof Farrell was right. Without any cranks speaking up at the meeting, council members found no reason to oppose the program. Indeed, the council made the item part of its consent agenda, a collection of uncontroversial resolutions such as meeting minutes adopted in a single vote.

Here’s what being a Green Tier city actually means: It will help the city figure out how to reduce the city’s impact on the environment. It will allow the city to work more closely with the DNR on environmental issues, giving the city priority in seeking certain grants and streamlining some parts of the DNR permitting process, according to city documents.

Does that sound like a UN takeover to anyone but a conspiracy theorist?

Monday’s action serves as lesson for politicians of all stripes. The cranks have a right to spew their misguided beliefs at public forums, but politicians have an obligation not to buy their rubbish. Janesville became a Green Tier city Monday, but it should have joined the program seven years ago.