During his State of the State this month, Gov. Tony Evers announced plans to sign an executive order to create a nonpartisan commission to draw legislative district boundaries. This week's question focuses on whether the commission's work will be worthwhile. What do you think? Participate in the poll at GazetteXtra.com. The results are not scientific.

Last week, we asked readers about what the Green Bay Packers need to do to get to the Super Bowl next year, and opinions were nearly evenly split among three selections: Overhaul the defense (79). Find better wide receivers (84). Get a new quarterback (80). Thirty-three respondents advised "just don't play San Francisco," while 107 chose "all of the above."

Here were the comments from the online bleachers section:

  • Draft a QB and start getting him ready. Aaron Rodgers still thinks he is the 2010 Aaron, but he is clearly not. He is falling short for at least the last three seasons.

--Benjamin Brantmeier

  • Groom a new quarterback, linebackers and receiving corps!

--Susan K. 'Shafer' Haase

  • Train a new quarterback and don't play the 49ers again.

--Melissa Hurst Smith