From online story comments

On Thursday story about Rock County switching Birth to 3 vendor: They helped our son learn to talk and eat many different foods. They helped with physical therapy to strengthen his core muscles and so much more!

—Cindy Rozelle-King

  • We moved to another county partly because of poor service collaboration in Rock County for people with disabilities. We’ve been amazed and highly impressed at how smoothly the process works here.

—Allison Hokinson

On Thursday story about local police targeting intoxicated drivers with more patrols: Why bother when they just ticket them and put them right back on the streets to get more DUIs?

—Karen Fish Miller

  • This should be a year-round thing.

—Louie Lunn

  • They get a ticket and then the next week they are back on the road doing it again and again and again.

—Terri Larimore

On Wednesday story about another Highway 12 crash after two girls died: That intersection needs to be fixed now and not in 2020.

—Tom Rappold

  • I was hit there two years ago. I try not to go that way. They really need to do something now, not later.

—Teri Clapper

  • People just do not pay attention anymore. It’s not the road.

—Sharon Krueger

On Tuesday story about Mark Dwyer leaving Rotary Botanical Gardens: This is a huge loss for the gardens.

—Nancy Terrill

  • Sad to see him leave. We at Ahrens Acres looked forward to his visits. Best of luck to him.

—Natalie Forrester

  • Surely has done an amazing job. Hate to see him leave.

—Tanya Klein-Kimble

On Sunday story about anniversary couple proving naysayers wrong: Beautiful story! May you both continue to be blessed and have the support you deserve.

—Victoria Hatch LeChat Noir

  • With all the bad in our world, this story is a blessing and all should read! Jimmy and Kelly ... keep loving each other! You are an inspiration!

—Tricia Curtis Jones

  • I remember when these two were married and what a controversial topic it was at the time. So happy for them both!!

—Nancy Hanthorn