From online story comments

On recommendation to end ban on serving alcohol at Janesville movie theaters: People in recovery need places to go where alcohol isn’t served!

—Esther Ruth

  • Alcohol should not be allowed at movie theaters because all that will happen is there will be more people driving drunk and possibly killing or badly hurting other people.

—Julie Conklin

  • It’s not a good idea to serve alcohol when we have a lot of children that go to the movies. Plus, we have a huge problem with drug and alcohol already in Janesville. So why add more fuel to the fire?

—Paula Wilson McGuire

  • Judging by these comments, clearly not many of you have been to a theater that serves booze. It’s actually quite enjoyable and calm. Never obnoxious or drunk fools. Been to dry theaters with more annoying patrons.

—Daniel Charles Cuellar

  • All the Madison and Sun Prairie theaters serve alcohol, and I have never seen one person drunk, and I go weekly. It’s usually just the grownups having a beer with dinner (as they serve food also) or a martini on Friday night. They even have a bar where you can drink before or after and take a plastic cup into the theater.

—Erica Box

  • If it’s been fine in Madison, it will be fine here. Do it.

—Tara Lee Lee

  • Why does everything have to involve alcohol?

—Teri Dobson

On Alpine Valley selling for $7.5 million: Chad, we can still go to Alpine and see Hootie year after year.

—Mitch Fanning

  • Perfect! I just ordered their entire catalog on vinyl.

—Chad Sheridan

On former UW-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper on paid leave again: Wow. Tuition dollars at work.

—Deanna Kuester Oestreicher

  • This “paid leave” is just more proof that government employees, including university employees, are too secure in their jobs. Even after they quit, they get paid. Even after they get suspended, they get paid. Even after they get fired, they get paid. Of course, this absurd system was set up by, you probably guessed it, government employees. Just remember these types of outrages the next time they complain that they need to raise taxes and tuition.

—William Schuldt

On Aug. 30 sentencing for Parker High School student who killed woman in crash on Milton Avenue last year: 100 hours of community service per year of his probation. I do more than that, and I’ve done nothing wrong and work for a living. Going 83 mph is beyond reckless.

—Tammy Lynn

  • What a worthless sentence. The prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves. Yet another slap on the wrist.

—Edward Brockman

  • Her spouse’s statement is beautiful. I would want my family to be that forgiving if I met my end that way. We’ve all sped. His mistake just had bigger consequences than the rest of us.

—Erica Croft Farfan

  • I would want my family to forgive if it happened to me. This kid was just that, a kid who made a horrible mistake that cost a life. He has to live with that the rest of his life.

—Robin Brumfield Riggs