From online story comments

On woman’s vehicle rolling into Rock River as she helps a turtle: I’m sure the turtle will return the car back to her house when it’s ready.

—Drew John

  • No good deed goes unpunished.

—John Chev-stang Diets

On Rock County health officials recommending people get flu shots: I know quite a few people who get the shots and still get sick as heck. So why bother? I haven’t gotten any for years and actually don’t get sick like others do. But I work in an elementary school around germs constantly.

—Tammy Mack

  • People who get sick after getting a shot were getting sick already and didn’t know it. Often it’s not even the flu they’re sick with. Correlation does not imply causation.

—Craig Gibeaut

  • My family doesn’t get the flu shot, and no one’s had the flu in years. It went around my kids’ school last year, and they didn’t catch it.

—Patti Wyman

On conditional-use permit approval for a Seneca Food’s proposed housing project: Is the unemployment rate in Rock County 0%? If not, why are we agreeing to something that will bring more migrant workers to the area to take jobs at the Seneca plant when people around here could get those jobs at a possible decent wage?

—Doug Spenske

  • Without migrant workers, this country would starve. It’s easy to sit back and say hire the unemployed in the area. The plain truth is nobody is going to work the fields, stand on a production line and handle loading trucks for what they pay beside migrant employees.

—Jeremy Wallenkamp

On Janesville downtown store vacancies, despite new growth: Commercial real estate all across the nation for brick-and-mortar locations has slowed down. It will take time but will eventually fill up.

—Sam Liebert

  • Sometimes, even if you build it, they still won’t come.

—William Schuldt

  • Wonder if all the people who say we should support local businesses actually go downtown and support them.

—Garry K Kolberg

On Janesville Parker football team’s 20th straight loss: How embarrassing.

—Chad A Carlson

  • Not the program I remember.

—Casey Carlson

  • Keep fighting, guys.

—Bruce Rufer