From online story comments

On Janesville Mall considering a ‘family activity center’: We definitely need something for the family to do inside in the winter months! We’ve been talking about how Janesville needed something like this for years! I really hope to see it come to fruition!

—Karrah Leigh

  • Yes! This is exactly what the mall and Janesville needs.

—Christiane West

  • No! Bring back Boston Store, please!

—Ericka Adams

  • Will there actually be any real shopping left?

—Christina Hutchinson

  • Seems like a fairly decent amount of construction work will have to go into renovating that space to turn it into an activity facility. Let’s hope they contract the same company that’s doing the Milwaukee Street bridge.

—Darin Ball

On Milton High School going to trimester schedule: Sure wish this would have been implemented this year. My senior would have benefited greatly from the trimester schedule. Bravo, Milton.

—Sheila Dobson Price

On Green Bay Packer Mason Crosby’s game-winning field over the Detroit Lions: I had to chuckle when Crosby motioned for one of his teammates to give him the boost up for the leap into the fans.

—Jan Reisdorfer

  • Officiating was horrid in this game. Not a fan of any of the teams, but the refs handed that game to the Packers.

—Rob Terni

On Sunday story about Janesville man who’s employed full time but homeless: Hate to be a jerk here, but why is he only working 40 hours a week? I was young once and worked 60 or more.

—Tammy Lynn

  • Big problem. People reach homelessness for different reasons, but once at that point, it’s extremely challenging to climb out that hole. Being able to address just your daily needs, the ability to take a shower and cook decent food and make yourself presentable to a prospective employer can be very challenging.

—Brandon Kraft

  • With so many vacant buildings, homelessness should not exist!

—Eilene Coulter

  • The problem isn’t high rent. It’s low wages.

—Craig Gibeaut

  • Trades schools offer paid education and a livable wage.

—Daleena Johnson