From online story comments

On stadium proposal for the Beloit Snappers: Turn the diamond around so homers to right field can go into the river.

—John McMahon

  • Horrible location. Having no parking so people have to go downtown is a bad idea.

—Matt Paige

  • Downtown is the only way a new ballpark makes economics sense, and it works really well in dozens of other cities.

—Michael Roth

  • This is a POSITIVE for Beloit. Let’s think of all the POSITIVE aspects. I’m sure those making the investment have all their bases covered!

—Monica Koeberl Miller

  • They should build this and then follow in the footsteps of the Savannah Bananas (Georgia). It’s pretty crazy what they have going on down there. It’s a show with baseball happening around it.

—Chad Sheridan

On Sept. 29 story about new downtown Janesville boutique: We love being in downtown Janesville! Congratulations and welcome!

—Julie Seales

  • Why does every Janesville economic story still have to run on a theme of the city not being as sad and depressed as you think it is? It makes it sound desperate and detracts from this story of a lovely shop.

—Stephanie Dix Clifford

On concerns about Monterey lagoon contamination: Dredge it out and haul it to the landfill for daily cover. Yes, it will cost more. In the long run, it’s the right thing to do.

—Matt Friedhoff

  • Glad to see we will follow the state Department of Natural Resources requirements and not the Monterey Dam Association experts.

—Connie Kreibich Brown

  • Visit, just don’t touch! Sounds lovely.

—M.K. Vukovich

  • How did the soil tests done by Drax compare to the tests done four years ago? Those tests were before the dam was removed. I think additional testing needs to be done.

—Tony Jacobson

  • I’m shocked how cavalier our city manager is on this topic. Something smells very fishy, no pun intended.

—Patty Damrow Ceranski