From online story comments

On Hedberg Public Library offering Adulting 101 class: This is absolutely ridiculous!! These are things PARENTS used to teach.

—Daisy Malroony

  • Not everyone has parents and not all parents care enough to teach these things. Unfortunately, some of the kids who would need this education also wouldn’t have access to or wouldn’t take these classes.

—Nikki Bx

  • Too bad schools don’t have something called home economics.

—Randy Hayward

  • There are so many folks out there that do not know common-sense repairs or maintenance. What the heck is wrong with the library stepping up to teach these classes? Be grateful instead of hateful!

—Pamela Cook

  • Employers across the nation seem to be begging for this! I like where this is headed!

—Jennifer Smith White

  • Great work! Some forget that some kids live on their own and don’t always have their parents to “teach” them these things. Also, some kids might just want to take a class as back-up information as well.

—Becky Terry

On New York consultant’s report on Janesville indoor sports complex proposal: Wow! Paid $10,000 for an outside guy to come in and tell us what we already know! Smart!

—Lonnie Burkett

  • I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it always amazes me that people from New York know more about what Janesville people need than Janesville people do.

—Roger Millard

  • Everyone in Janesville knows that this is a great thing for our community. We have so many kids here that don’t have much to do and already think that Janesville is boring. This complex is a huge game changer for Janesville.

—Jose Massas-Caraballo

  • Sorry, I don’t feel responsible for entertaining other people’s kids. If they’re bored, they’re not trying very hard.

—Steve Stocks

  • This needs a referendum. Nothing short of this will do.

—Mike Charnecki

On Thursday’s “20Q: Catching up with Rock County naturalist Dave Bendlin”: One of my all-time favorite teachers at Milton High School. His passion was contagious.

—Jill Grunzel Alf

  • I hope he does more nighttime owl walks in the future. He makes them so much fun and informative!

—Julie Seales

  • We’re incredibly lucky to have Dave continuing to share his knowledge and passion in the Rock County area.

—Scott Weberpal

  • As a hiker, I love this and would like to see more youth into outdoors as well.

—Kim Hoholek

  • If only kids didn’t have their faces stuck in Fortnite.

—Colton Hustad

On Janesville police partnership with Ring: This is a great idea! I’m thinking about purchasing a camera doorbell and a surveillance camera for the outside, too. Thanks, JPD.

—Connie Peabody