From online comments

On donations to light up Milwaukee and Court street bridges: I like it when cities light up their downtown.

—Paul Marzahl

  • Milwaukee Street has a bridge?

—Justin Olson

  • Oh, that’s a great idea. Let’s spend money on making downtown all pretty and new instead of using it to help the homeless population downtown.

—Linda Sue Stocks

  • What a joke stringing lights on a bridge that has been down for almost a year now. What about giving that $50,000 to the business owners that have been struggling for that year.

—Glen Pofahl

  • Shame how people waste money on material things that would only benefit the electric company.

—Kevin Notbusch

On proposed housing development near Wal-Mart and Briar Crest subdivision: As long as it’s not more storage units.

—Jeff Schulz

  • I would suggest building affordable housing, but the people who can afford to live out that way would fight against having “lesser than” people living in “their area”.

—Theresa Lynn

  • Maybe the city should turn it into a park with nature trails. That would be a better buffer than corn.

—Joshua J. Phillips

  • We can’t afford to lose more farmland.

—Timothy Roenneburg

On possible Janesville School District referendum: $100 million? $150 million? $200 million? I guess they’ll just go at it the way all other school districts do it: Ask for the moon, then whittle it down until they can get 50.1% to vote “yes” on the third or fourth try. Meanwhile, the city will keep raising taxes and fees as will the county. The future sure looks bleak for Janesville tax and rate payers.

—William Schuldt