From online story comments

On declining state report card scores for Janesville School District: Maybe we should keep raising taxes so we can spend more and more. That should solve the problem.

—Brian Rose

  • These ratings are garbage and do nothing to improve our children’s education.

—Jeff Bahrs

  • Maybe teachers need to teach, not just give out laptops and say, “Here is your work.”

—Kris Harnack

  • Stop blaming hard-working teachers. I’m truly afraid for these children. They are growing up as underachievers and full of anxiety. This is due to a whole lot of things. Present model isn’t working. Things changed drastically about 10 years ago, and now we’re seeing the fruits of it.

—Sue Duesterbeck Burkart

  • Really wish people could walk through a day in the life of a teacher and stop criticizing something they know nothing about. The curriculum is not the teacher’s choice.

—Josh Richter

  • It’s not the kids, not the parents, nor the teachers. It’s the liberal leadership and ideology.

—Chris Stocks

On Janesville homeless man’s death Monday: My heart aches for this soul and his family. This should never happen in a country such as ours, but it does. There are so many reasons for this. Just pray for those who are still dealing with homelessness. Anything we can do as human beings would help.

—Ann Klesic

  • The simple answer is the city Janesville does not care about the worth of a human life. They are truly worried about red tape, bureaucracy, playing politics and making themselves look good to the slumlords of Janesville.

—Becky Strupp

  • Becky, you need to get your facts straight before you post something like this. Police and other resources tried to help this man, and he chose to live life on his terms. Bashing the city of Janesville is not the answer to this sad situation.

—Nancy Ellis

Saying that “he refused help, so we couldn’t help it” is the equivalent of you saying he deserved it. Y’all are sick!

—Sarah Lynette

  • Did anyone consider it was his life choice to be homeless? Do you all want to be “court ordered” on how you live your life? Seemed like a good and decent person.

—Wayne W. Wollslair

On snow delaying Janesville leaf pickup: It will be awesome (NOT) when the plow comes by, and they get shoved into my yard and driveway.

—Nikki Schmaling Storm

  • I wonder what the effect of all those leaves will have on our snowblowers.

—Londa Farrell

  • The city long ago said to keep leaves on terraces until the day before they do pickup. So I guess that would solve a lot of complaints.

—Matt Schaetten

  • We shouldn’t be putting our leaves in the street. They can be raked and taken to the grass site. Or, mow them. They will break down.

—Toni Olmsted Peterson