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On proposal to allow homeless to sleep in cars at Palmer Park: How about they park their cars in front of the people’s houses that thought of this proposal. Are you out of your freaking minds!? Help them, don’t push away. Help them find jobs, teach them. Assist them with the tools and support they need.

—Pamela Jacobson

  • Why not another park that doesn’t have a pool and a huge playground where the highest number of children hangout?

—Anne Sievert Lemirande

  • How about making shelters out of old buildings left empty by businesses?

—Tammy Hirst

  • Why be against giving the homeless a place to sleep in their cars? These are families, some with children. All homeless people are not criminals. Where is everyone’s compassion? How sad.

—Kelley Hansen

  • Kelley Hansen, because not all people are saints and a lot of homeless people use drugs. Think about it. Not saying every homeless person but a lot do.

—Ekaj Siwel

On City Manager Mark Freitag taking legal action against critic: Doesn’t Mr. Freitag know that this action doesn’t put out the fire, it adds fuel to it? Why does he want Jan Chesmore to shut up? Certainly he doesn’t think that the grumblings of a failed and bitter candidate mean anything. Perhaps this cease-and-desist letter means that Ms. Chesmore’s complaint may actually be more than just sour grapes. At least that’s what this legal action suggests.

—William Schuldt

  • Free speech does not include slander and making statements attacking a persons integrity. She went way over the line.

— Judy Farrell

On Milton Superintendent Tim Schigur and Director of Administrative Operations Jerry Schuetz getting $447,000 in severance pay: Again and again the Milton taxpayers get the shaft. When will the taxpayers wake up?

—Jared Lee

  • Likely the insurance company is paying out because a member of the school board exposed the district to liability, and this is to avoid a civil suit. If the insurance company thought they would win the civil suit, they might try to fight it.

—Nick Kersten

  • This is like stealing someone’s purse that only has $20 in it, then getting caught and the judge ordering the person to pay the thief another $100!

—Rex Downing

On new South Janesville Farmers Market: I didn’t know this existed! Gonna have to check it out with my hubs this week!

—Kristine Haecker

  • Small, new markets really have to be aggressively marketed and recruited for vendors. The south side needs some sort of fresh food and local items access, and a market could be a great start in moving in that direction.

—Amy Bass

On Evansville school administrator investigated for making comment to teacher breastfeeding: So disgusting, inappropriate, unprofessional, etc. Zero tolerance for ANYONE commenting on any part of anyone’s body. Good ole boys club at its finest.

—Kelli Walters

  • In what parallel universe did he EVER think that remark would be appropriate? Absolutely outlandish!

—Romaine Rae Schneeberger

  • Any adult man who would need to take a class to understand why this is disgusting and unacceptable behavior (assuming he would even be capable of figuring it out) has no business working with children. There is no defense of his behavior.

—Kate Kathleen

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