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On delay in completion of Milwaukee Street Bridge: I don’t know who or why anyone thought it would be done timely when you start it at the beginning of winter.

—Nancy Ann

  • I’m able to watch the daily progress, and they worked their rumps off through even the super cold days. They unfortunately got delayed due to the high water levels on the river.

—Julie Seales

  • It’s a conspiracy to keep us cruisers away from participating in the cruise nights.

—Darin Ball

On Rep. Bryan Steil holding listening sessions: Not a fan of his politics, but I will give him credit. So far, he’s MUCH more accessible to ALL the constituents than his predecessor. We will see how friendly a welcome he receives and how he listens to those that disagree with his policy stances. IMO, a measure of a leader is how you talk to folks you disagree with.

—Thomas Kavanaugh

On Janesville woman receiving kidney from fiance: Now that’s keeping the love of your life! So happy for you Ashley Elle! Absolutely beyond words beautiful.

—Natalie Faye

On Rock County planning to move human services offices into former Pick ‘n Save: We are absolutely in need of a grocery store on the south side. Losing Pick ‘n Save has been quite detrimental to many residents.

—Ashley Dean

  • Why don’t you south-side residents form a neighborhood association to elicit change on the grocery store issue? The city isn’t helping you, but you can help yourselves.

—Kim Sampson

  • As long as we live in a free country, no one can force anyone to open a grocery on the south side. However, if Bernie and his newly socialistic Democratic Party finally get power, perhaps they’ll socialize all groceries. Then the government can be easily convinced to open a store there.

—William Schuldt

On survey to name the interactive water feature at the ARISE Town Square: Not sure what it should be called and don’t know if I like the choices, but the name isn’t as important as the memories that people can make surrounding it.

—Shannon Empereur

  • What a ridiculous feature. Call it the “aqua monument to human folly.”

—Michael J Nehls

  • “The ex-wife,” also known as an expensive, bad decision.

—Micah Fritz

  • This is why we can’t have nice things. People complain about nothing being downtown and lack of attractions. Janesville then does something, and people just complain.

—Kyle Marx

On USA Today naming Lake Geneva “best small town for adventure”: Adventure? In parking, maybe.

—Kerri Ruder

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