From online story comments

On proposal to allow homeless people to park overnight at Palmer Park: Not a good idea. It’ll end up being a “safe injection spot” to do drugs.

—Robert Rachael Lee Bennett

  • They need to sleep somewhere. Make a big parking lot someplace, put in a bathroom and let them sleep. They have no home except their car.

—Audra Snyder

  • Why? Palmer Park is a beautiful park (at least it used to be when I lived there). I hope it still is, and I hope it stays that way. Allowing indigent people to gather, no matter what time of day, allows it to become a homeless camp.

—Christine Sperry

  • The city should set up a way to provide shelter indoors and provide job counseling. I know some people may have mental issues, and this should be dealt with by providing help.

—John Liszewski

On Milton School District offering app to track school buses: This is awesome. Now, if we can figure out a way to stop vehicles from disobeying the flashing red lights. Our family has personally had too many close calls this year with drivers not stopping for flashing red lights.

—Amy Morris

  • What about the cost? All buses have radios. If you what to track your kids, put a tracking app on their phone as all kids have one. Why waste more district money? This sounds like a Jerry Schuetz idea. Spend, spend, spend.

—Barry von Falkenstein

  • What a waste of money. I had no idea late buses were such an issue. My kids have been riding the bus for 16 years and never knew it to be a problem. Nor did I ever think my kids were in danger when their bus was late. Buses are going to be late or delayed. It’s a fact of life.

—Jason Klenz

On proposed restrictions on the public comment period at Janesville City Council meetings: Efficiency, they say, is the goal. Nonsense! They just don’t like having to sit there pretending to care what the common folk think.

—William Schuldt

  • The Janesville City Council knows that many citizens of Janesville do not approve of their actions, and it is tired of citizens coming to city council meetings and voicing their anger. So, they want to limit the public comments like this, so that they can continue to do their things and not have to listen to the citizens.

—James Foss

  • First step to socialism/communism is to silence the people. Fascism in progress.

—Mike Colborn