From online story comments

On request to serve alcohol at Wildwood Theatres Movies 16 in Janesville: I vote yes!

—Alice Jensen

  • For goodness’ sake! Is there ANY family activity in Janesville that kids can go and not see adults drinking alcohol?

—Betty Electropop

  • Give another excuse to drink, and you give another excuse to drink and drive! Why do we need more enabling, especially where there are minors?

—Cynthia Walker

  • There’s MORE than enough places you can get alcohol if you have to have it; go there before or after. The sticky spilled soda and popcorn all over is bad enough; imagine the stench of spilled beer.

—Myron Fairman

  • Renovations are needed before that should happen. New stadium seating would be nice.

—Nicole Fowler

On demolition of façade of former GM plant: I can’t explain how much I hate this. I am almost 80, and the death of Janesville’s GM plant is really like watching my life fade away.

—Mary Lou Schmidt

  • I hope they get a new owner for this huge lot soon.

—Janet Woisard

  • They are demolishing JATCO, too. No mention of this anywhere. So many worked there also: mechanics, office personnel, car-parkers and drivers.

—Judy Olver Selck

  • It was my whole life. That is such a sad statement. Too many people live to work instead of work to live. I see too many people that work 50, 60 years just to become No. 1 on the seniority list when they should be off enjoying life and their families.

—Jason Cooper

  • As a proud retiree, I am very pleased that this project was addressed in such a timely manner! I think of communities where the buildings have stood empty since their plants have closed. A safety hazard and an eyesore is no way to respect the men and women who made a living at our plant! Progress is good!

—Patricia A. Friestad

  • On June 17 start of Janesville School District summer food service program: My kids utilized this program last year and will this year as well. What a lifesaver for us. Being in a two-parent working family and not always home to make meals, my three kids are able to eat healthy meals everyday with no strings attached!

—Taneah Bruce

Boys & Girls Club will be one of the school district’s free lunch sites. Stop by for a meal this summer, and check out the complete list to find other locations (

—Boys & Girls Club of Janesville