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On planned safety upgrades for the ARISE Town Square: The city is taking a reasonable approach to it. Installing emergency flotation equipment makes sense. They aren’t overacting by building the Great Wall of China around it. Accidents happen. If you can mitigate risk in a reasonable fashion, why not? As far as I’m concerned, the city is reacting sensibly, which is an amazingly rare and a welcome thing in government these days.

—Josh Ray

  • Glad nothing bad happened, but, really, you should keep an eye on your children when around water. All the safety equipment isn’t going to solve the issue.

—Shane Rogers

On plans to allow first-floor apartments in downtown Janesville: Think of what a boon that would be for entrepreneurs to start their own business by being able to have their residence and business under one roof!

—Allie Tyler

They were just on a roll making Janesville great, improving the look of the downtown, and now they are going to ruin it! Bad idea!

—Kelly J. Watkins

On downtown restaurant Asian Bistro closing Aug. 17: This is a huge loss for downtown!

—Jessica Garcia

  • This is truly a shame! Asian Bistro is a great place to eat, and the family is super nice. We want local businesses to stay, not chase them away. This building will just sit empty.

—Josh Siedschlag

  • Please try to stay downtown. I always sent my clients over for lunch.

—Marla Bickle Verdone

On contractor, Thomas P. Mastin, accused of theft: We literally just had this guy come out to our house last week to give us a quote on a project. Sad you can’t trust anyone!

—Stacia Schildt

  • Before hiring a general contractor and other individuals, do a background search. Access the public records of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts:

—Jeff Adams

  • We had a roofer do this to us years ago! Plus, our sons and their friends actually put the roof on because he didn’t show up for days at a time.

—Cynthia Walker

  • They probably figure if Trump can get away with it and become president, then they can, too. Just saying ...

—Rosemary Lenz