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On committee recommending Traxler Park for homeless overnight parking: With all the events at Traxler Park that start early in the morning and end late at night, this is a terrible choice. If it has to be a park, why not Bond Park? There are quite a few parking spots there.

—Rich Vermillion

  • Why don’t a few of the larger local churches open up their parking lots? Then have the city agree to have the police keep an eye on the properties. Isn’t that what we as Christians are supposed to do?

—Sue Marie

  • Instead of having the mobile but homeless park overnight in our parks here in Janesville, why not have them park in the HUGE old Pick ‘n Save lot? Now that Rock County Social Services are going to be offered there, doesn’t it make sense to put them closest to the services and people that can help them?

—Tim Roberts

  • If you have to pick one of the city parks for this project, then make sure cars parking in lots are registered to Janesville residents. Otherwise you will build it, and they will come. Many homeless would come from 100-mile radius easily.

— Ed Martinez

  • No matter where you let them park, someone will be bothered by it. A little less judging/labeling and a little more compassion toward people struggling would sure be nice in this world as a whole!

—Shelly Holmes

On Rock County Board considering advisory referendum on Medicaid expansion: Some folks may think that a referendum can’t hurt, such as a few of the county board members. But it won’t help either. Did the Citizens United decision get changed? Is marijuana legal? Did we vote in members of the county board to start referendums so they can grandstand rather than spend their time on real county business? No, no and no!

—William Schuldt

  • What good does a referendum do in this state when they are routinely ignored?

—Dan Johnson

On Rock County Board reinstating employee fired over missing toilet paper: I agree with board member Yuri Rashkin. Why, I mean, really WHY did this go so far and WHY did they spend over $12,000? That would’ve bought a few rolls of toilet paper. This is a joke!

—Dawn Powell Steindl

  • Why would you steal TP from a public place? Steal Charmin, not sandpaper.

—Amy Repaal Mumm

  • That should make for a wonderful work environment! Buddy system for using the restroom from now on? Ridiculous!

—Jason Marzahl

  • They’ll be watching her. I’d be too embarrassed to even want my job back.

—Jennifer Shaw

  • This is disappointing all around. It lacks compassion for the employee who was accused and protection for the employee reporting the concern. Instead of costing the taxpayers $12,000 over 11 rolls of toilet paper, why didn’t anyone ask if she needed help when it was noticed instead of entrapping her? That would have been a compassionate way to resolve this.

—AmyJo Verbeten

  • Couldn’t she have just been written up and brought in a package of Charmin for restitution? Lots of toilet paper could be supplied for almost $13,000. Stupid.

—Sheila DeLorimier Spohn

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