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On homeless man returning to Monetery Park after police removed his belongings: The land and nature are free. He should’ve have to move anywhere. If he wants to sit outside and enjoy nature and soak up the sun, then leave him be. He is not harming anyone at all.

Nicholas Pena

  • Everyone who says “leave him be” needs to let him camp/live in their yard. Otherwise, your opinion don’t count.

—Johnna Abb

  • So many commenting are upset because they have to look at him. I have the feeling that if he were hidden away, it really wouldn’t bother you. So, in fact, you are not upset about him being homeless. You’re upset about it being in your face and upsetting your unrealistic image of Janesville that doesn’t have “this type” of problem.

—Sally Morrison Colorado

  • Everyone is so worried about him, but yet it’s OK to take his things? He is not making your city an eyesore anymore than the mall going empty or General Motors going down.

—Tamara Morrison

  • I’ll say it again: I’ll buy him a ticket to California.

—Chad Peterson

On Janesville police officer found blameless in squad car crash at intersection: Sounds like some poor judgement on the cop’s end. Thank god the mother and her baby were OK.

—Jordyn Nicoson

  • Jordyn Nicoson, poor judgement in what way? When a cop has lights on, they have the right of way. Pull over. Common sense.

—Michael-Meaghan Fitzgerald

  • Weren’t we all taught to move out of the way and yield to emergency vehicles? I mean it is the law!

—Carrie Webb

  • We pray constantly for the safety of our first responders. Their jobs expose them to the dangers many of the rest of us never have to face. Here’s an example of the need to be an alert driver and looking and listening. I read that the responsible driver did not hear or see the police interceptor. How come?

—Bud Springer

  • So many people don’t hear sirens when driving because they have ear buds or headphones on, which is against the law! People drive and never check their surroundings or are distracted while driving. Kids bouncing around in the back seat not buckled in.

—Lonnie Burkett

On Rotary Botanical Gardens Annual Home Garden Tour fundraiser on July 13: My favorite event of the year. Thank you all. I know it’s hard work. No worries about watering this year, though.

—Tammy Lynn

On Janesville police dog Fred diagnosed with cancer: I’m sure Fred’s vets will work to the best of their ability to cure Fred of his cancer and, if unsuccessful, to spare him of suffering during his last days.

—Scott Kafka

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