From online story comments

On lamb that temporarily escaped the Rock County 4-H Fair: I’m glad to hear he’s baaaaaack where he belongs.

—Robert Rachael Lee Bennett

  • We had a lamb on the lam?

—Dave Manthei

On likely demolition of the former Town and Country building: When I worked at Norwood Mills, I used to go there for lunch and have charburgers and rice pudding with whipped cream topping. That was always a great treat. Sigh, that was also 54 years ago.

—Sherry Derr-Wille

  • I didn’t know what this building was but showed my dad and learned he and my mom had their wedding reception here in ’71!

—Sarah Mueller

  • Here we go again. Tear down another landmark. Thanks, city council members or whoever is in charge. Makes me want to puke.

—Kevin Anderson

  • Unfortunate but pretty much unavoidable for multiple downtown properties due to many years of neglect and foregone plans that never materialized. If the buildings are too far gone and no reasonable buyer would/could invest in their restoration, then it is what it is through no fault of the community or the city. It’s a sad loss of historic significance, but unless someone is able to throw money at them with no expectation of return on investment, it’s an unfortunate reality.

—Jason Klingaman

On Janesville City Council approving plan for overnight parking at Traxler Park: Wait until the first overdose in the bathroom happens at that park or a needle is found. Not all homeless are drug users, but inevitably some are, and it won’t be safe for the homeless families needing a safe space. How about the city put some money where its mouth is and put more permanent, appropriate solutions in place to help those truly needy families.

—Christine Perkins Nimmo

  • Spent 10 years homeless. First, a lot of people choose to be. Second, around here and in today’s society, the police and others act as if it’s illegal to be homeless. It’s far from. Homeless people are people. You get all kinds just like you get anywhere else in society. Anyone living paycheck to paycheck is one check away from that state, anyhow.

—Brick Pate

  • I think this is a good compromise. Hopefully, this will help those who have been getting in trouble for using private lots.

—Maggie Aurit

  • Really, we should all be able to camp in a park.

—Tracey Griffin

  • I admire what the city council is trying. It’s hard enough for people down on their luck. Having a designated safe area is a great idea.

—Mike Boland

On Sunday story about solutions to opioid epidemic: Local officials don’t really have a clue any more than national officials do. People in serious pain need opioids. But they often get addicted. Making it harder to get opioids from pharmacies only puts burdens on the sufferers or, worse, denies them the relief they desperately need. Tougher rules meant to make doctors more careful about prescribing opioids sound good, but that seems to me an attempt to put bureaucrats in authority over doctors.

—William Schuldt

On Thursday story about problems at Florida sober homes: Sober homes, while a wonderful concept in theory, are largely unregulated. Even operators with the best intentions struggle to manage them in a way that keeps residents safe. When operators don’t have good intentions, it’s a bottom line-only mission that exploits vulnerable addicts. I am so sorry for the losses these families endured in settings they thought would help their children.

—Lisa M. Bertotto Schmelz