From online story comments

On Amazon seeking 500 employees for planned Beloit fulfillment center: Amazon will have a very difficult time finding those first 500, plus the outrageous turnover. Many younger people have no intention of working these days. The only positive for Amazon is Beloit has a very low cost of living. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they are building there.

—Mike Herold

  • Five hundred new jobs means they’ll need 1,500 employees in the first year due to turnover. Picking shelf orders for Amazon has been compared to picking cotton in the early 1800s except there’s no (literal) whip.

—Bill Ziegler

  • They will have trouble like every company in Rock County. There are two kinds of employees: Ones that want to work and ones that show up and hope they get paid to do little to nothing.

—David M. Beyer

  • I used to work in HR and did the hiring at the company I worked for. We got hundreds of applications for just one position. I think that says people do want to work. They just don’t want to be low-wage, overworked, unappreciated slaves.

—Theresa Lynn

  • For all of you complaining about wages and working conditions, this is exactly how positive changes get made. All these warehousing companies will be competing over the same scarce labor resource. When lack of labor starts impacting the bottom line, improved pay becomes necessary to attract workers. A rising tide raises all ships.

—Adam Singer

  • Adam Singer, or robots are brought in to replace human workers.

—Timothy Roenneburg

On the Fulton Store reopening: We don’t live far from the store! We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that it’s back up and running and that we can purchase those amazing cinnamon rolls again!

—Candice Coogan

  • As a student in the Fulton grade school, we would walk down on our lunch hour and buy Popsicles for a nickel.

—Ruby Nagel

On Janesville to require lead pipe replacement: This is true everywhere. Pipe from house to street is the owner’s responsibility. My parents recently had their lead pipe changed out as did my neighbors in Kenosha.

—Andrea Churas

On town of Harmony proposing sex offender ordinance: How about not putting child molesters and sexual predators back on the streets in the first place?

—Donny Burger

On Janesville’s Back Bar under scrutiny for shots-fired incident: These owners are not the problem. It is the morals and choices of the gun holder!

—Tina Pringle

  • Hopefully this doesn’t affect softball there.

—Amy Thostenson

  • I have never, ever had a problem at a show at Back Bar. It’s a great asset to the music community. I hope this is resolved quickly, and Back Bar is allowed to continue to bring great music to the area.

—Lorrie O’Connor

  • Alternate title for this article (Monday) could have been, “Police, unable to identify suspect, find someone to blame regardless.” We are all safer now due to their diligent and competent efforts.

—Zach Stueck

  • Yep, blame the bars just like you blame the guns. Nothing to do with the idiot behind the gun.

—Connie Tatge