From online story comments

On permits approved for downtown River Flats apartment complex: Good, we need more affordable options. Many of us are seeing our rents go up every year. Many of us are on fixed incomes.

—Joanna Tice-Stepanski

  • They were called “projects” in the 1970s when there was a call for “low to median” income housing. As for the end result after unintended consequences? Not so good for the most part.

—Patrick Weissinger


  • anesville, why don’t you just buy the Monterey Hotel? It already exists downtown. Fix it up instead of building something new and not for low-income housing. We need to start fixing buildings instead of building new ones.

—Laura Denio

  • More low-income housing. Good choice, Janesville. Let’s invite even more drugs to our city. So glad I’ll be moving out of here in spring!

—Nick Munding

  • Wow. It is amazing all the negative comments about low income. Not everyone that has low income does drugs. We don’t know everyone’s story. Maybe if our community was more positive and less negative, better things would come to Janesville.

—Emily Anne

On no challengers running for the Janesville School Board: The machine is broken.

—Chris Stocks

On Mexican candy maker buying Impact Confections: They’re taking our jobs! Oh, wait, they’re creating jobs. My bad.

—Rob Messerschmidt

  • At present they own and make circus peanuts? Does anyone really eat those things?

—Eric J. Stoner

  • Eric J. Stoner, we use them for bear bait.

—Dave Westbury

On Illinois man accused of killing an Illinois man in Janesville: Death is always tragic, but why are people coming up from Illinois to do it in our community? This seems to be a growing trend.

—Josh Ingalls

  • Janesville is getting scary. Stopped shopping there three years ago.

—Laura Conroy-Soprano

  • Janesville has way less crime than Rockford and Madison. So where do you go to shop? Over and an hour away? Johnson Creek, maybe? Every sizable community has crime.

—Xandi Finn

On West Milwaukee Street business closing because of unruly neighbors: As a small-business owner, this saddens me to the core. What a shame that this was not remedied before it was too late and affected the small-business owners so terribly.

—Kristi Ziemer

  • Downtown Janesville is flourishing. Unfortunately, this section of downtown is not keeping up with Main Street, Parker Drive, etc., and remains seedy.

—Chris Lippart

  • That’s just sad. I’ve been in there, and it was a nice, cozy place run by good people. I really hope we are able to get our downtown cleaned up so we can keep and even recruit new businesses.

—Amy Snow