From online story comments

On Rep. Bryan Steil’s bill to help veteran cemeteries: Why not increase the spending to keep our veterans alive?

—Denise Moore

On City Manager Mark Freitag’s State of the City address: Now if only the city would address its overspending, overtaxing and fee-raising addictions.

—William Schuldt

On award for Milton High School teacher Val Crofts: Val is not only a great teacher, he is a great human being! So kind and such a great role model! Thank you for all you do each and every day, Val!

—Shelley Stedman

  • Great teacher and role model. Both my children went to Washington, D.C., with him, and they returned with life-changing experiences to remember forever.

—Sue Mehlert

On former UW-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper’s paid leave: She robbed the state of Wisconsin while harboring a sexual predator. Her legacy is the same as her husband’s.

—Daniel Schultz

On middle school principal given paid leave after submitting resignation: It sounds like the school district has some explaining to do. She makes her salary, plus her education is paid for, plus paid leave. PLUS all of this doesn’t even benefit the Janesville School District?! Glad to see my tax dollars at work.

—Stephanie Myher

  • I gotta get me one of them school district jobs if my Biden-Ukrainian hook-up doesn’t pan out.

—Chris Stocks

  • Sounds fishy to me. Where is the part about WHY she was forced to take a leave? And why is the district paying to further her career somewhere else?

—Meredith Lea Jacobson

  • This agreement is wrong. We the taxpayers are being taken for a ride and made to look like a joke. In the real world where the rest of us work, if we’re not doing our job or we do something wrong and sometimes even when we don’t, we lose our jobs. Period.

—Kris Schroeder Beeler

On United Alloy planning to hire, despite laying off 39 employees: It’s the greatest economy in American history, folks.

—Andrew Krebs

  • And who will want to work at a place that hires and fires like that?

—Michael Huntsman