From online story comments

On Sunday story about cruising on Milton Avenue: Something needs to be done, especially when these kids are in the backs of trucks and the driver is racing another vehicle.

—Darlene DeMoss Aaron

  • Let the kids have fun. We all did it as kids growing up. That’s what’s wrong today: People are taking away things to do from the younger generation, and that’s why they resort to drugs and crime. There’s nothing wrong with them in the back of a truck.

—Tony Geffers

  • Tony Geffers, yeah, until they get in an accident and fly out!

—Terri Howard-Sandoval

  • OMG, I can’t believe this still goes on! I remember doing this all the time! My best friend at the time would burn rubber in the Target parking lot. My CB handle was raebabie.

—Rachel Willey

  • My parents did it. I did it. Now my kids do it. It’s going to always be there.

—Casandra Hanson

  • Yes, being a passenger in the truck’s bed is very risky, but cruising on roadways has always been and always will be a rite of passage. I lived in Milwaukee, and Highway 100 is and has been one of the roads teens cruised on. It was something fun to do.

—Simone Birkholz

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill coming to Janesville: Yes! Ate at my first one a few weeks ago. I was amazed.

—Carla Braenne

  • Never ate at a Golden Corral but will give them a try. I like buffets. Don’t have to deal with bad waitresses/waiters. Get your own food and beverages and no tipping. Food not very healthy, but once in a while is fine.

—Adrienne Mundro

  • Another buffet? Really?

—Dan Thompson

  • It’s great to see the building being used for something, but a Golden Corral? Talk about the epitome of diabetes and clogged arteries. I don’t think we really need more buffets, let alone more chains, honestly.

—Erin Fish

  • What I’ve always wanted to try—a Golden Corral. LOL.

—Julia Medema

On Janesville Perkins closing: Noooooooooooo!

—Brandi Miatke

  • There is a Golden Corral coming instead, so it’s all good!

—Oliver Murwin

  • Only ate one time at the place. Wasn’t impressed with the food. Coffee was horrible and high priced.

—Dennis Henning

  • This made me think of you, Christine Mychele Harris. Good, over-caffeinated memories.

—Dawn White

  • Dawn White, always with our creamer, too, usually amaretto. LOL.

—Christine Mychele Harris

On fourth OWI suspected in fatal car crash in Magnolia Township: And I’m sure he will get a slap on the wrist while the family of the deceased gets a life sentence. Shameful, Wisconsin. Just shameful!

—Louise Weezy McClain

On start of overnight parking at Traxler Park: This is sad. No one should be homeless. The rent prices are out of control. I’ve seen one bedrooms with off-street parking go for $675 to $750 a month. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

—Melinda Stewart-Wright

  • They don’t need parking lots. They need housing!

—Catherine Green

  • Tough issue. I saw this in (Monday’s) paper (Page 1A) and was struck by Angela Major’s elegant and poignant photograph.

—Mitchell A. Kopnick

  • Folks, maybe there are those of us here in town that have some room in our hearts and homes to help some of these folks. I can’t imagine living in my car with a young child. Before it gets cold, I may look into this. Hope there are others that feel the same.

—Stan Goldstein

I agree not everyone can afford $600 a month plus utilities and be able to feed and clothe their families, too. I believe if we all work together, we can make this city a lot better for all.

—Elizabeth Crowe