From online story comments

On Rock County 4-H Fair attendance falling almost 10%: Move the darn thing outside of town where it’s not so cramped and parking isn’t a nightmare. What happened to the plans to put it out across from the Rock County Jail? Perfect place. Easy for out-of-towners to find. And PARKING!

—Cheryl Silha

  • The only reason we wanted to go was for the food and games, but I refuse to spend $50 just to get in and then pay for overpriced food and games. We go to the Stoughton fair where it’s free to get in.

—Neanda Ellis Annen

  • “Some people seem to go through life standing at the complaint counter.”—Fred Propp Jr.

Why not volunteer to be part of making the fair into what you want it to be? Join the organization committee instead of complaining about what it should be. Just a thought.

—Emily Dresen

  • Wish I could have gone, but I just didn’t have the money this year. Hopefully next year.

—Sarah Reed

  • Joe Nichols put on an awesome concert. The 4-H shows were excellent. I think the fair needs a revamp. Get the vendors back and get the 4-H participation back up. Maybe parents should consider getting their kids involved in the many projects instead of complaining.

—Hannah Pautsch

  • It costs a small fortune to take your family. We never go. I’d rather go to Six Flags, honestly. About the same price now.

—Christy M. Grice

  • Need better parking. Prices for food were crazy high! Beer would be nice!

—Sue Krueger Arnold

On 15-year prison sentence for Janesville man who has killed two people in separate crashes: The pattern will never change. We need stricter laws for those that choose to drive under the influence of any substance! The slap on the hand teaches nothing!

—Cilla Kaye

  • Excuse me, why does he kill two people and not get life? Geesh.

—Nancy Ann

  • Nancy Ann, #JustWisconsinThings.

—Elizabeth Clem

On warnings issued about new batch of heroin containing fentanyl: You guys go public with information saying these batches most likely have fentanyl in them. You think that’s a deterrent? That’s the junk they want.

—Tina Marie Ellis

On Sunday fire displacing residents of 12-unit Janesville apartment complex: I feel really bad for those that have lost everything, and I will donate whatever I can to help. I honestly don’t think that people realize how inexpensive renters insurance really is (usually a couple hundred dollars a year). I hope that renters reading these comments and this story that do not have insurance look into it.

—Jessica Whitford