From online story comments

On anonymous $11,000 donation to cover Evansville overdue lunch fees: God bless the anonymous donor! This is a blessing to help make sure no child has to feel ashamed about not being able to pay for lunch! Thank you to whoever you are!

—Cindy Rozelle-King

  • Angels walk among us.

—Kathy Norris Hayden

On Seneca Foods proposal to build housing for its migrant workers: Maybe if I tell my employer I’m only going to work six months a year, it will pay my bills for me.

—Andy Laabs

  • They’re not going to live in the place year-round. It’s a place to stay while they’re working. It will probably save the company money over hotel costs and be better for the workers, too.

—Tina Ellmore

On changes to dangerous Highway 12 intersection in Whitewater: I’ve been through that intersection many times and not even a close call. People are just in a hurry and too wired! You see it everywhere, from crazy driving on the Interstate to barely slowing for stop signs. Time to get a grip, folks!

—Duke Ellingson

  • All intersections are dangerous. It’s the actions of the drivers that create the problems. You can’t regulate stupid.

—Paul Sheppard

On multi-vehicle crash Tuesday on I-90/39 killing Milton man: I understand that there really isn’t a good place for someone to pull over when a car breaks down, but the BIGGEST issue that I see every day is that folks are tailgating—not even giving a car length between themselves and the next car. Which is crazy! There’s no room for quick thinking/braking. Speed is also another issue.

—Leah Rose

  • The problem is people going way over the posted limit in the construction zone. Got to pay attention, as well as go slower. I feel so bad for the loss of life.

—Rebecca A. Springer-Seeman

  • Does anyone realize how foggy is was out this morning? That may have also been a factor.

—LynnEtta Taft Campbell

On exterior improvements to The Venue in downtown Janesville: It’s nice to see all the new stores and all the renovations. Good job. Now, how much longer for that (Milwaukee Street) bridge to be built?

—Eilene Coulter

On the former Shopko and other vacant retail space in Janesville: Build a second story on it to house apartments and assisted living for the elderly. First floor will be for doctors offices, a small pharmacy and small family restaurant.

—Bill Wolf

  • Laser tag on half and skating rink on the other.

—Alonna Natz

  • Gentlemen’s club or a cotton candy factory. I’m undecided still.

—Josh Cornell

Probably move it to the

  • south side and make it a grocery store, or use it to replace the much-missed Monterey Dam.

—Joe Rau

  • Is it me or does it seem like Janesville has turned in to nothing but restaurants and mattress stores? Every corner on the northeast side seems to have multiple restaurants and a mattress store.

—Jillian Nate Graves

How about the city buys them and creates youth friendly, safe hangouts, such as trampoline parks or indoor skate arenas!

—Matthew Roush