From online story comments

On placing boulders in the Rock River to create fish habitat: I guess we’ll have to change the name to Boulder River now until these are eroded enough to be smaller than 10.1 inches in diameter, upon which they become rocks again.

—Tyler Burdick

  • I can’t wait to lose my lures on those! LOL, but I sincerely like the idea.

—Austin Johnson

  • They are doing a great job. Looks nice down there.

—Colton Hustad

On contractor planning to finish Milwaukee Street bridge in mid-October: Are they going to have Bob the Builder finish?

—Michael Glass

  • At least Bob the Builder always got the job done.

—Leslie John Horinka

  • The stupidity of people who have never worked in construction is unbelievable. The high water on the Rock River set the project back a lot. Not to mention all the rain. Have you ever tried to pour concrete in the rain? I wouldn’t pour a bridge in the rain. At least they’re taking their time, making sure when the bridge is complete, it’ll be safe.

—Dwayne Saunders

On the opening of the Cobblestone Hotel in downtown Janesville: To me, it seems like the opening of this hotel would do much better if the bridge was done.

—Sarah Reed

  • The hotel is gorgeous!

—Josh Siedschlag

  • I stayed at the Cobblestone in Chippewa Falls, and it was really nice. Boutique-style hotel with a legit steakhouse. Janesville need to support this business!

—Lee Krueger

  • We had dinner here on Friday, and I cannot say enough great things about this place! Good and service was AMAZING!

—Heather Winn

On new arcade going into the Janesville Mall:

  • If they get Gauntlet, I will be there every day.

—Jason Sumpter

  • I remember taking the bus to the mall as a kid just for Cyberstation. If this is done right, it could be a nice draw. Good stuff!

—Kevin Rasmussen

  • Yes! Arcades, I miss them so much.

—Dena Speir

  • I remember the arcade that was at Pick ‘n Save. My little brother and I would go play in there sometimes in the early 2000s, while my mom shopped. I loved the arcade. I hope kids now love it just as much.

—Jessica Vieni