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On Paul Ryan agreeing to lecture at Notre Dame University: But how will he spend more time with his family?

—Shane Seeman

  • It should take less then a week before some students decide that they don’t want Ryan at the school because they are afraid.

—Garry K. Kolberg

  • It would be nice if he would explain how the Republican “Family Values” Party came to support a profligate unrepentant miscreant like Donald Trump for president.

—Annamae Siebold

On new Kikkoman skateboards: Who knew soy sauce could be so cool?

—Bridget McCarthy

On Janesville’s Van Buren Elementary School celebrating 50-year anniversary: It was a very nice event, lots of work involved. I’ve been impressed with the school and principal since Day 1 when our kids transferred there 5 years ago.

—Kels Flippin

  • Great school, students and teachers (I’m a bit prejudiced as my daughter, Ms. Jenny McCool, teaches first grade), administrators, staff and alumni!

—Deb Eakins McCool-Cloute

On Janesville police using drone to track down suspect: Remember hiding in cornfields from cops at high school parties? Poor 2019 kids have to cover themselves in mud like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in “Predator.”

—Kevin Rasmussen

  • Seeing as how the Janesville police have a hard time following civil rights and constitutional protections as it is, I don’t think they deserve to have access to this complex and evolving technology.

—Luis Raganork

  • Love seeing this technology put to good use!

—Nicodemas Nimmo

On Janesville Boardtracker Harley-Davidson dealership sudden closure: A sad, sad day for all involved, including the local HOG Chapter that was sponsored by them. Writing has been on the wall, IMO, for some time. This is not the respectable way to treat people, but unfortunately a sign of the times.

—Robert Anderson

  • Those that did not see this coming had their head in the sand the last few months.

—Steve Johnson

  • On Janesville to reopen Section 8 waiting list next month: Sweet. More lazy people that don’t want to work and can sit home and get high all day.

—Brian Eells

  • Brian Eells, stereotype much? I know plenty of working-class people that still need help.

—Nicole Howard

  • Not everyone that needs help is like that. I have a friend with three children. She needed help after her husband died unexpectedly.

—Nicole Howard

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