This week’s poll question

This week’s question is for parents whose children have smartphones. We want to know how parents monitor their kids’ smartphone use, if at all. Take the poll at The results aren’t scientific.

Last week we asked readers whether Gov. Tony Evers should approve the proposed Ho-Chunk casino in Beloit if the proposal reaches his desk this summer as expected. By a 475-208 vote, respondents favored the casino, believing it would be an “economic development boon” for the area.

Here’s what readers had to say:

Yes. It’s not just a casino. There will be a water park hotel and retail.

  • Beloit will become a destination place like the Dells and other places.

—Mariann Sands Murphy

  • Only hope for Beloit to lose the worst city title. I worked there in the 1980s and ’90s. It’s so worse now.

—Dan Schneider

  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin told us several years ago that Madison would boom because of that casino. Just another lie.

—Rudy McCormick

  • No. Do you all realize what casino gambling does to people, especially those who have any type of addiction? It destroys them. It destroys their finances. It destroys relationships. I’ve seen it happen. Paychecks are cashed and devoured by slot machines. Casinos are not built by winners but by all of you that lose your shirts. YOU buy that casino!

—Christine Sperry

  • A gambling addict like any other addict will find their poison no matter where it is. I know first hand. If you have a problem, seek help. If not, enjoy the benefits at the new casino.

—Ted Kibler

  • Yes, before Rockford gets its proposed casino.

—Gary Barnes