This week’s poll question

All students enrolled in Janesville School District’s International Education Program are from China, but program enrollment declined this year amid a trade war between the U.S. and the Asian nation. Because student tuition pays for the program, any drop in enrollment hurts the program financially. This week’s poll asks readers for their opinion on this program. How valuable is it?

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Last week’s poll question elicited a strong reaction, with the vast majority of poll respondents (333) calling for stricter oversight of repeat drunken drivers. Specifically, these respondents support outfitting repeat offenders with alcohol sensing bracelets and jailing them if their sensors indicate they’ve been drinking. Only 97 objected to the measure, believing it “sounds like Big Brother taking control.”

Online debate about the poll question featured 65 comments both for and against the bracelet proposal:

  • Something has to be changed. These repeat drunken drivers—five, six, seven or more times—have got to STOP! If they cannot stay out from behind the wheel, then set them in jail so they cannot get behind a wheel. Come on, Wisconsin, when are you going to do something with these people?

—Anne Sievert Lemirande

  • I think we need to look at what has worked in other states to reduce repeat drunken drivers. We need to look at what the evidence says rather than simply punish.

—Kristen Zorbini Bongard

  • No, because if they are not driving, I don’t care if they drink themselves to oblivion. But there are breathalyzer locks for car ignitions and other such things. Also, repeat offenders should do automatic, short jail time and mental health evaluation.

—Suzanne Brasic

  • People make mistakes. But if you keep repeating, you are not taking responsibility for your actions. They might kill someone the next time they drink and drive. It’s sad. I was hit by a drunken driver at 17. The woman was 19, and it was her second DUI.

—Amanda Oldfield

  • Why should they have to wear that if they are not driving? The purpose is to prevent them from getting behind the wheel, not having a few beers watching football.

—Dean Roger