This week’s poll question

A city of Janesville proposal to build three small houses on the south side to help combat homelessness has prompted some neighbors to object. The situation is the inspiration for this week’s question: How close to your home would you consider acceptable the construction of small houses for people transitioning out of homelessness? Participate at The results are not scientific.

Last week’s question about what parents do with their kids’ Halloween candy triggered some guilty feelings. Many respondents (94) acknowledged they eat their kids’ Halloween candy, and they eat “more than we care to admit.”

Other popular responses included rationing the candy (75) and giving kids free rein (60) to eat the candy whenever they want. A smaller number (24) unload the candy “on co-workers or other parents’ children,” while 31 said they “toss it out when the kids aren’t looking.” Twelve parents admitted to saving the candy and giving it to trick-or-treaters the following year.

Here’s what parents had to say about the topic online:

  • We eat as much as we want that day and then pick out the good and throw the rest.

—Casey Christophersen

  • I check it over for safety, then they’re on their own. After three days, they’re asking for apples. Same at Christmas and Easter.

—Lynda Naatz Richter

  • First I check to make sure there are no THC candy ropes. Can’t have that!

—Rebecca Wilson

  • I keep all the mom-proclaimed tainted Reese’s cups (lol). The rest after checked is up for grabs. After a few days, I toss what’s left.

—Heather Dominy