This week’s poll question

The proposed chicken farm for La Prairie township has reignited debate over concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. What do you think about the state’s CAFO rules? Are they too strict, too lenient or just right? Let us know in this week’s poll at The results are not scientific.

Last week’s poll left little doubt about respondents’ view of having to change their clocks twice each year for daylight saving time: They’re sick of it. A large majority (362) voted to scrap the system, while only 128 voted in favor of keeping the time changes.

Comments online also steered toward eliminating the clock changes:

  • Please STOP the time changing! It had a good purpose in the beginning but not anymore.

—Julie McCool

  • Do away with standard time. Keep daylight saving time and make that standard time year-round.

—Ed Byrne

  • I need to work at 7 a.m. outside. So, no, don’t stop.

—David Jackson

  • It’s dumb, and I hate it. Leave the clocks alone!

—Mary Brink

  • Stop changing clocks. It is archaic, and other countries don’t do it anymore. It also messes with dairy farmers and our children. Cows and kids don’t get the memo.

—Kim Jensen