This week’s poll question

Communities across Rock County will be celebrating National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 6. It’s an opportunity for police officers and residents alike to get to know each other. This week’s poll question deals with people’s perceptions of crime: How safe do you feel in your neighborhood? Participate at The results are not scientific.

Last week’s poll question was in honor of the Rock County 4-H Fair, which ended Sunday. We were curious about people’s favorite fair food, and cheese curds topped the list with 139 votes. Funnel cakes finished a distant second (65), followed by cream puffs (54), corn dogs (43), mini doughnuts (32), pork chop sandwiches (26) and cotton candy (17).

The question generated a flurry of comments online, with many people offering foods we didn’t include in the poll:

  • Not on the list, Billy’s Baked Potatoes.

—Lynne Forrestal

  • I always have to get a gyro!

—Mary Cummins

  • Cheesecake on a stick!

—JaLayne Kathleen

  • Soup on a stick. Free seconds with original stick.

—Teds Neckbrace

  • Like it all!

—Linda Hyne