This week's question addresses the controversial proposal to allow the homeless to park their vehicles overnight at Palmer Park. The Janesville City Council is expected to consider the proposal as soon as its July 22 meeting. Weigh in on this issue through our online poll at The results are not scientific.

Last week, we asked our readers to predict the economy's future direction. Readers gazed into their crystal balls and concluded by a 131-94 vote that the economy is headed for a recession. Sixty-seven respondents reported their crystal balls were "hazy" and declined to speculate on the economy's next move. 

Here are some comments about economy:

  • The expansion is unsustainable.

--Allen Tosch

  • It will keep growing as long as Donald Trump is president. If a Democrat defeats Trump, the economy will crash because Democrats don't understand finance.

--Mary Lou Schmidt

  • I'm currently a victim of his tariff policies.

--Rob Reinke

  • Dow 9000.

--Dan Schneider

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