This week’s poll question

An 8-year-old’s fall into the Rock River at the ARISE Town Square on Sunday has raised safety concerns among residents. For this week’s poll, we ask whether the city of Janesville should do more to make the town square safer.

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Last week, we asked readers what they thought about the city proposal to allow the homeless to park overnight at Palmer Park. By a 421-157 margin, respondents said the proposal was a “terrible idea and would ruin Palmer Park.” An additional 97 respondents didn’t commit to a position, stating “both sides make valid points.”

The issue prompted many comments online:

  • The idea of giving the homeless somewhere to park their cars overnight is a great idea for a number of reasons. However, I think it is a mistake to do it in such close proximity to a children’s park. If the city would build a rest area or something of that nature off the Interstate, it would accomplish the same goal but not cause concern for nearly as many people or kids.

—James Foss

  • Kids show up to Palmer Park around 6:45 a.m. to run. Can the police guarantee all the homeless will be gone by then? A lot of those kids are riding bikes to get there. Palmer is the wrong place for this.

—Bre Schommer Martinson

  • All of you folks commenting, ‘No. It’s a bad idea. Keep them away from children,’ please realize that a large amount of the homeless ARE families WITH children. Have some compassion.

—Carla Troia

  • I support it. They have to go somewhere.

—Jeanie Drays

  • The homeless person camping out at Monterey Park is a prime example of things that could happen, like a lot of littering and disregard of property. As usual, it only takes one to spoil it for all.

—Kathy Kahl