This week’s poll question

Digging through drawers or file cabinets in search of Social Security cards and birth certificates ranks low on most people’s list of fun things to do. But that’s the job facing many Wisconsin residents with Real ID requirements set to take effect Oct. 1. A Real ID or passport will be needed to travel airlines or enter federal buildings. This week’s poll question asks when you plan to upgrade your identification. Participate at

As we often say in this column, the results of these polls are not scientific. Last week’s question, however, triggered a response stunningly similar to the results from a 2018 Rock County referendum on recreational marijuana legalization. In that election, about 69% favored legalization (46,570 votes), with 20,727 opposed.

In last week’s Gazette poll, about 69% also favored legalization (457 votes), with 198 opposed. The poll included other options, too, including 87 votes for allowing “only medical marijuana” and 23 votes to “wait until the federal government resolves the issue.”

Many of the comments posted online favored legalization:

  • The crowds and obvious demand in Illinois clearly shows there are many, many law-abiding people who would like to enjoy recreational marijuana. I look forward to the day the people of Wisconsin, myself included, can join the folks in places like Illinois. Be like Illinois. But only this. Please, only this.

—Mark Preuschl

  • Legalize it. Heck, Illinois is not going to be broke anymore. Maybe Wisconsin could make a few extra dollars.

—Makayla Champion

  • Opioids crisis in Wisconsin would be resolved almost instantly. Get real, folks.

—Jeremy Haag

  • Legalize it all the way. WE THE PEOPLE have made this clear, so they should do their job, which is the will of the people.

—Alan Sathre Lmt

  • I support legal weed 100%. Also support 100% of employers who drug test.

—Chris Stocks

  • It’s time to legalize it and get with the rest of the country. Illinois made $11 million in three days. We got roads to fix and schools to fix. The list goes on! Marijuana is harmless!

—Derek Sherman