This week’s poll question

One case of the Wuhan coronavirus has been confirmed in Wisconsin, while nearly 500 cases have been reported outside China. How anxious are you? This week’s poll asks readers to gauge their anxiety levels from “Meh. The seasonal flu is more concerning” to “Extremely anxious. I’m on apocalypse watch.” Participate at Gazette The results are not scientific.

Last week’s poll demonstrated there’s no shortage of ideas for redeveloping 13 N. Main St., which the city demolished after issuing a raze-or-repair order. There’s also little doubt Wisconsinites’ love of beer showed in the results, with the option “turn it into a beer garden” receiving the most votes (168). Second place (129) went by “hold a contest to determine the best redevelopment plan.” Other ideas receiving votes included “make it into a park featuring climbing walls or a splash pad” (48), “build new commercial office space” (68) and “use the area to help the homeless” (103).

Online comments went far beyond The Gazette’s proposals for redeveloping the space:

  • How about a small grocery store?

—Patricia W Buhrman

  • A heroin injection site.

—Michael Huntsman

  • Designated bar-time vomiting area.

—Kevin Kolovitz

  • I think that Legends should buy it and expand.

—Tiffany Nicole

  • I don’t know what a beer garden is, but beer is always good.

—Melissa Hurst Smith

  • A community garden or small park area with picnic tables and a stage. We don’t need more beer in that area. Too much as it is.

—Robert Rachael Lee Bennett

  • Hopefully they fill it soon. Looks like a gap in someone’s teeth.

—Jason Brown

  • I think it is up to the owner of the lot to decide.

—Todd Anderson

  • Anything that doesn’t force more city loans that require us taxpayers to pay even more with less services.

—Brian Peterson

  • Make it someplace that homeless can go for free coffee, pop, water bottles and hot chocolate and for free advice on jobs. But put a limit on the free drinks per person.

—Sally Deuel

  • City council meeting area!

—Bill Blank