This week’s poll question

A letter to the editor Tuesday called on the city to consider building a new parking ramp in downtown Janesville. This isn’t the first time somebody has said the downtown has a parking shortage. What’s your take on the parking situation? This week’s poll question explores the issue by asking, “How far are you willing to walk to your destination after parking in the downtown?” Take the poll at The results are not scientific.

Last week’s poll focused on former Congressman Paul Ryan’s decision to a rent a home in a Washington, D.C., suburb. The move prompted speculation about his future plans, and the largest portion of poll respondents (141) say he’s likely to become a lobbyist. Smaller numbers believe he’s likely to become a TV news analyst (26), join the speaking circuit (33) or consider another run for elected office (45). There’s a chance he might do all of these things, 129 respondents said.

The question triggered some angry comments. Here’s a sample:

  • Trying to buy his soul back from the devil! Glad he’s leaving Janesville. He’s an embarrassment!

—John Hanewall

  • So much hate. Ridiculous.

—Shawn McCarten

  • Probably another job where he can make money off the American people.

—Annette Duncan

  • He needs to quit while he’s ahead. He was awful as speaker! He was just a puppet!

—Susan K. ‘Shafer’ Haase

  • I would like to see him challenge Trump for president.

—John Liszewski