Don’t be fooled.

New owner Quint Studer and his supporters are trying to trick you into thinking the proposed rebranding of the Beloit Snappers is an either/or choice: Either you’re a forward-looking fan who cares about the team’s business future or you’re an old sentimentalist holding onto the past quarter century of Snappy nostalgia.

The truth is you can be both. In fact, we strongly believe that keeping the Beloit Snappers name is actually the smart business decision. Please consider the following:

Fans hate the proposed names.

With embarrassing options like “Cheeseballs,” “Moo” and “Polka Pike,” who can blame them? There’s already so much enthusiasm for the new downtown stadium next season (which will increase merchandise sales automatically). Why do something that’s going to alienate the entire fan base? 3,000-plus petition signatures and thousands more social media comments simply cannot be ignored.

Fans love the Snappers.

It’s the perfect name for our community, a brand known across the stateline area and around the country. The Snappers were one of the top-selling teams in all of minor league baseball when the name was first introduced and could be again with a long overdue logo and uniform refresh. Why not give Snappy a makeover before forcing him into retirement?

There’s still so much room for creativity with the Snappers brand.

Back when the name was first introduced, the team would constantly come up with new ways to dress up the logo. Anyone remember Santa Snappy? Hippie Snappy? Snappy the Hunter holding a rifle instead of a baseball bat? Fans loved those alternate logos back then. Time to bring them back! Hats and T-shirts with Snappy dressed as a COVID-fighting doctor would sell out in minutes.

Alternate nicknames are another trend sweeping the minor leagues.

Take for example the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Last season, they took the field for a game as the “Udder Tuggers” with brand new uniforms to match. The Snappers could do the same thing with some of their proposed nicknames. “Beloit Cheeseballs” doesn’t sound quite as bad if it’s only a once-a-month gimmick. But the new merchandise could be sold in the team store all year round.

Be cautious of change for the sake of change.

Newer isn’t always better. Some of the top selling brands in minor league baseball are teams which have been around for decades—think Durham Bulls, Portland Sea Dogs or the Toledo Mud Hens. These teams have figured out how to stay fresh and still stay true to themselves.

OK, we all know how the organization is spinning this. They claim getting rid of the Snappers name is the only way to guarantee future success. But it’s simply not true.

And it’s very possible this rebranding could backfire completely. So whether you follow your head or your heart on this, all roads lead back to the same place: Snappy needs to stay!

Ben Witkins, a web designer living in Minneapolis, has organized a petition drive to keep the Snappers name. The petition can be found at