Do you want to get back to work? Do you want to be able to go to a restaurant? Do you want the economy to get moving again? Then wear a mask in stores. You might not get very sick if you get COVID-19, but you will spread it just the same. The mask is a small help in preventing getting it but a big help in not spreading it to others if you have it.

When did it get to be patriotic to weaken the country, and how is it strong to risk other people’s lives to spare yourself a little inconvenience? I know some people have the idea that it is some kind of a right to go around spreading disease. They didn’t read that in the Constitution, and they sure didn’t read it in the Bible. Some ideas like this have been spread by Russian trolls.

It is not the fault of the governor or the city that we can’t open up. It is because people keep spreading COVID-19. Be a part of what really makes America great. Wear your mask, so it is safe for everyone to get back to work.