Long before Trump was elected president, he was promoting conspiracy theories, i.e. Obama was an illegitimate president because he was born in Kenya.

Millions believed this loony assertion, and Trump began to identify with racists.

Trump went on to spread more than 20,000 lies culminating in the biggest lie of all that the November election was rigged. Fox “News,” right wing hate radio and even Republican officials contributed to this lie.

Trump courts radical groups, especially white supremacists: ex. Charlottesville: there are good people on both sides. No, Donald, the KKK are not good people. At Trump’s invitation, white supremacists carrying confederate flags, QAnon followers, the Proud Boys and other extreme groups comprised much of the Jan. 6 mob in Washington.

Mitt Romney, in the aftermath of the riot, said: “The best way we can show respect to the voters who are upset is to tell them the truth.” But people living in the Fox bubble will remain ignorant. Even as Romney spoke, Fox “News” was spreading a false story that antifa was involved in the riot.

When Sister Simone Campbell visited Janesville in 2012, she said, “We are one people. We are one creation. Engage in conversation. Risk talking to folks like my brother Jim which is always a challenge. We have to talk to each other about what we value, where we think our country is going, and then we will be ‘We The People’ who form a more perfect union.”

Amen, Sister. It’s time to converse.