Wisconsin cannot go down the rabbit hole of frivolous fraudulent alleged audits like America witnessed in Arizona. Ten months, over $6 million and with all of the credibility of All Star Wrestling and Planet of the Apes on Saturday night. At the end of the day (or 10 months), they concluded Joe Biden won by more votes than were certified in the first place. No kidding.

When even the Republicans in charge of Maricopa County, Arizona, denounced the Cyber Ninja audit as a fraud, Wisconsin needs to stand up and say "No."

Pathetic Trump supporters are having trouble excepting the reality of the rejection of their leader. We the people will not sit quietly while they step by step dismantle our democracy.

Over 63 cases have been filed and lost, some in front of Trump supported judges. The list of attorneys sanctioned for perpetrating the fraud grows almost daily.

Ron Johnson, Robin Vos and the others, take your pick. They cannot win elections on their merits. Therefore, let’s destroy faith in our system and free and fair elections. Prostitutes and drug dealers have more credibility.

Wisconsin knows better, Wisconsin deserves better. Much better.




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