Why are people so against getting vaccinated? Don't they have a desire to get back to normal? People want to see masks go away, but they won't do what's necessary to make that dream a reality. I'm super frustrated with the ignorance of so many people in the city in which I live.

I have followed every mandate that has been given. They told me to stay at home—I did that for over 2 months. They told me to wear a mask everywhere except at home—I did that. They told me to social distance and practice good hand hygiene¯I did those. They told me to get vaccinated—I did that (two doses of Moderna). They told me to get a booster shot—I did that (Moderna again).

If doing all of the above actions makes me, as people like to call us, a "sheep," then so be it. I'd rather be a sheep than an ignorant fool. I have done everything that I can to help do my part to help bring this pandemic to an end. Obviously neither I nor the government can force people to do what I've done, but why is it so hard?

I just want life to get back to normal. This is a case of "a few ruining it for the many." I'm begging, please - do your part and help bring this pandemic to an end.




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