“Money makes the world go around.” So goes the song from “Cabaret,” a musical about 1930s Nazi Germany. Media regularly reports results of fundraising by candidates running for elected office. The more the money, the better the chances of being elected, they boast. So campaigners beg, borrow and cajole money from donors to pay for expensive promotional ads and rallies.

In the 2016 presidential campaign, only one person received unprecedented free coverage. By making himself a daily public spectacle, that coverage continues to be endless, unlimited and free. Not long ago, a local paper featured five articles on one page, all favorably promoting the president who paid nothing. Has anyone in the world ever been covered this way this long?

Who doesn’t know his name?

The 2020 presidential race began on Inauguration Day, January 2017, when Donald Trump filed re-election papers, and it will end in November 2020.

Will the public find a way to choose someone else, or will this shameless skullduggery prevail?