Thank heaven (and our nonpartisan Wisconsin Supreme Court) I have regained my right not to wear a mask in public.

Just who does Gov. Tony Evers think he is to mandate rules that health experts have recommended because that will help the pandemic? My rights are much more important than such a silly mandate!

I have other rights that are being trampled. I should have the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. Sounds like a fun thing to do, especially on April Fools Day.

I should have the right to ignore stop signs. If I am in a hurry, they slow me down.

And especially don’t mess with my right to carry a loaded assault weapon into a store. There might be a nut-case in there who could kill people, and I have a right to protect myself and others.

I am of the opinion that this court decision has very little to do with protecting my constitutional rights and a lot to do with an effort to make Tony Evers a one-term governor.

I will continue to wear a mask in public because, like many other rules, it is the sensible thing to do to protect myself and others.