It is up to each of us to determine for ourselves how we treat others and our planet.

Human beings across time and continents are more alike than they are different. None of us chose the circumstances of our birth. We had nothing to do with having been born into privilege or stigma. We have everything to do with our God-given talents and how we treat others.

We are responsible for what good or ill we do to people. We are, each of us, responsible for every decision we make that hurts or harms another human being. In this world we must be invested in the well being of others in our species if only for our own survival and recognize that we are in need of one another more than we have been led to believe. When others suffer, the collective human body is set back from the progression of our species.

These times calls for us being pro-African American, pro-woman, pro-Latino, pro-Asian, pro-indigenous, pro-humanity in all its manifestations. It is not enough to be tolerant. We tolerate what we would rather not have to deal with and wish would go away.

Every spiritual tradition tells us to love our neighbor not tolerate them. It is the moral duty to act when one sees another treated unfairly.

We must morally commit to one another to become the “we” generation instead of the “me” generation.