“I am not going to vote because both choices are bad and our government is corrupt."

Please drop this attitude.

Our government may be filled with corruption, but all institutions are filled with corruption. Institutions are corruptible because people are corruptible.

We need checks and balances. We must hold each other accountable. We have to expect more from one another. Perfection is not achievable, but we must keep reaching for it.

Much of the history of our country is ugly. Our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that excluded equal rights for women and people of color. But they left us with a means to fix things as we went along.

Some corrupt people are drawn to politics. But there are some that fight for justice. We cannot lump all of them together and give up on the whole lot of them.

The crisis we are in today is that Donald Trump is getting rid of checks and balances. He fires and vilifies anybody that differs with him. He calls it, “draining the swamp.” He is surrounding himself with enablers. He wants total control of our government. He is a threat to our democracy. Yet many view him with a false equivalence to Joe Biden.

As retired General Michael Hayden said, “I may disagree with many of Joe Biden’s ideas, but he is a good man. Donald Trump is not.”

This election is about saving our country from a bad man. The choice is clear. Take action. Vote for Joe Biden.