I’m voting pro-life. Life on earth.

If we do not pay heed to the best of science and drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions, capture carbon already in the atmosphere and modify our lives to keep fossil fuels in the ground, nature’s sensitive species will die in our lifetime.

As they die, the next ring of life becomes more fragile and will also die and on until we humans, too, will die as a species.

I’m voting for environmentalists up and down the ticket. I’m voting Democratic and invite any person who loves children, babies, animals and plants to do so also.

I’m also voting law and order. Rule of law and order.

I’m voting for those who think that laws are made for us all to follow. Including the president. Including the police. Black lives matter, too.

For those who vote Republican because you think the economy is doing well or to keep your taxes low, well now, consider two things:

1. Recent Republicans have run up our state and national deficits far higher than recent Democratic administrations.

2. Taxes are a form of sharing for those that have less than you do.

You can’t eat money, and you can’t take it with you. People are remembered for the love they shared while here.


Fort Atkinson