The news reported that the Republican Legislature has a plan for fighting the COVID pandemic that they will bring to Gov. Evers. My first reaction was great! But then, why not months sooner?

I can't say that either party hasn't tried to work with the other, but the Madison atmosphere has been so toxic, probably not. If the news did report efforts to work together, I missed it. And if efforts were made but not reported, that is wrong, too.

I do know what Sen. Stephen Nass has posted in his reports basically anything Evers says is terrible and overstepping his authority. Nothing about attempts to work with him that may have been rebuffed.

I realize that COVID has been a very difficult situation, plus during election campaigns only elections are deemed important. But with Wisconsin one of the states with the highest levels of cases/deaths, could this be why?

How many hospitalizations and deaths might have been avoided if Wisconsin leaders had worked together and issued a bipartisan plan for our health and safety?

My feeling is to get rid of the whole lot as soon as possible.

In the next few years' elections, vote for people who are willing to work with each other and not bow to the party line to the detriment of Wisconsin citizens. We voters must also recognize our own possible party bias and really look at all candidates, not just one party, then hold elected officials accountable to serving all of Wisconsin.